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Mila's short cut

Little girl it’s time to grow up and experience the joys of hair crises and other crazy hair cravings. Gone are the bobs and multicolored elastics, you want to be a woman, you want to be sexy … yeeeeeah!!
Little girl it ‘s time to let your siren hair go and clear up your neck and ears to welcome kisses…
Little girl it’s time to tell your mother that you prefer to look like a booty-shaking Rihanna rather than Cinderella…
Yes little girl you will fall asleep in your own vomit at 6am and you will laugh at this 48 hours later…
Little Girl no Prince Charming ever existed, you’re going to struggle from time to time, and you will go get a new haircut after every breakup.
Girl you will seek the hair stylist that will understand you your whole life, the Holy Grail next to this is just piece of cake.
Little girl all that isn’t really serious, it’s just life and as long as you laugh at it everything will be nice.
NB: it’s cool to see Mila grow up with us right? I can not wait to see her when she turns 30 years old, when I’ll be… well, uh, who cares. I look forward to it all.

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  1. Salut Fred
    Très joli le nouveau visuel de ton blog mais je trouve que l’écriture des textes est trop claire, ça fatigue les yeux du coup…. bises

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