Laura / Crazy multi-tresses

Hello my curlers, back to school! This is it! YEAAAAH! We’re back together for a crazy year of hair adventures, poetry and good mood 🙂
I hope you had a good summer?!? I can not tell you how crazy mine was… (ok I’ll tell you). In the meantime, I shot this video before leaving, a nice hairstyle with Laura, beauty editor at Flair magazine, among other things.
This is the summer-and-walks-in-the-meadows hairstyle, enough to make a little holiday effect last on your heads.
I like not knowing where I’m going when I start combing. Such as here. One braid calls another, and this great artistic and romantic mess goes somewhere… Or Not! Yeah sometimes nothing happens and we look like hell with dangling braids evoking an old beached jellyfish: the risk to take in the big hair adventure that rules this world!
The trick is to let go and get started, we don’t care about the technical side once the French braid is mastered, we rush and secure the hairstyle. No matter how long the hair is.
When the great mess turns into beauty we are moved and proud. So you start with your small elastics and clips…
Welcome back all!