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AVEC ou SANS frange

Antonia (hysterical) on the phone: “Freeeed I want some bangs, just like Jane Birkin in the 70’s, ain’t they cute?” “Now!!!! I feel like this is the new me!!! hooo!! I feel it!! ”
Me (used to female hysteria): “Yes, yes, Antonia, ok … we’ll just try it first, because I’m not convinced…”
Sometimes I have flashes, some kind of pure hair flashes, and then a voice said inside me: “do not make it right away, fake it first !”
Bingo! Immediately after putting on the bangs “Mmmyeah, I like them… but I prefer my face without them…” (haaaa giiiirls)
Thank you God for saving me 6 months of texts from antonia: “when will it grow back?” “Don’t we have something to do with it until it grows back?” “Blah blah blah” …
Bangs will change a face. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. And it’s not just a matter of morphology, forehead size etc. Sometimes we just can’t stand hair that falls a little bit in the eye, it does not do the expected effect. Sometimes it will make you surprisingly younger or oddly old.
There is no rule with bangs I think. I saw everything and the opposite! I do not know why it works or not. A sort of mystery of life 🙂
Antonia on it was really not bad. Very cute. But… a je-ne-sais-quoi made it better before anyway. She spent a day with her bangs, then stored her Birkin desires quietly in her closet.
With or without bangs? That is the impossible question.

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