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Instant Filler Dercos / Vichy

I tested a while ago the Dercos Instant Filler by Vichy. I told myself that I absolutely had to talk about it one day.
Do you know this technique of injecting some resin into a car’s broken windshield? The resin spreads into the glass to smoothen and strengthen it.
Well it’s the same for the Instant Filler on your hair.
If you have fine, brittle hair, this treatment will penetrate inside the fiber whereas a conditioner will only treat the surface. It fills your hair from the inside.
It’s crazy when you think about it…
This treatment is to be applied before your usual hair mask, not in place of, but before. So after shampooing, apply a few drops of Instant Filler on your hair, wait a few minutes, rinse and apply your mask.
The first time I tested this thing was on Alexandra Golovanoff. Her very blond hair get finer after a while and tends to break. I applied this thing without much hope…
I couldn’t recognize her hair as I was drying it. Thicker in my hands. I said to myself, I am in possession of a product that will thicken the entire world’s hair… And I’m gonna rule the world, the Instant Filler in hand like a magic wand…
At the end Alexandra runs her fingers through her hair and immediately feels the difference. I look at her, she looks at me, I look at her looking at the product on the table. She’s ready to jump on the product like a panther. I threaten her with my rabid kitten revolver eyes. Hands off!
I pack the gear and escape before we fight in the mud. I I keep it! Ah ah ah ahahahah (evil laugh…)
I tested it several times on thin and brittle hair. Every time, there was a huge improvement from the first application.
I have not tried it on normal or thick hair, I don’t know if it thickens even more!
I’m not sure what’s in it, I confess that the most important to me is the result, not what’s inside. As long as it works I’m happy!
This is not a product to add volume. At the same time, filling hair thickens it.
To be continued …

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