Before & Then, Before & Then eng


Isabel is my Brazilian girlfriend. As soon as she says hello, you’re at Copacabana beach, putting on a thong, a mojito in hand.
That’s what it is. Nothing we can do about it.
She was obsessed with the 1920’s for a while, and the desire to feel the wind on her neck had become obvious. We had to cut. Clearing out her shoulders.
Although the 1920’s dos were notched and very sophisticated, they served as a working base. We had to go through it to get a modern short bob.
Isabel has a very expressive face, I never get tired of watching her move with her voice that smells like Bossa Nova.
It’s funny how languages are a matter of rhythm. I have a feeling when I talk that everything is on the same key, that it does not make waves.
But Isabel! Hang on, it goes up and down like a Disneyland roller coaster!
A video full of energy that resembles her, messy, poetic, and mad…
So, tudo bem ?

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