Kid & Eudoxie

Hey!!! The sunny days put me on vacation mode so the pace here will get a little slower… Well yesss!!!
We’re hot, sweating like trouts, so we clear out the back of the neck to try to cool down the body.
I asked Eudoxie, Chic&Geek’s sidekick, and her sister “Kid” – dreamy nickname – to sit for me.
Eudoxia was the stylist and accessorized to mix a “I’m going to a wedding” style with a “I don’t give a shit” look… It makes a delicious, sweet pretty moment.
The pins come from & other stories, they are insane because they seriously stay in place and and they are super hooooooot ; Kid’s tiara comes from Bonpoint (but it’s at least 10 years old so…)
I would like to talk about Kid’s beauty which is breathtaking, precisely just as Jean Seberg in “breathless”.
jean_seberg cutbyfred
It’s Eudoxie who did her hair and sublimated her. Masterpiece.
Enjoy the light.
EDIT: you can see pictures of this special day here 😉

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