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We’re back with cute Lisa who seriously wanted change. When she told me “go ahead Fred, cut it short”!
I was a bit scared, then I realized 30 seconds later that short for her doesn’t mean too short anyway. You must read between the lines to style a woman and listen well! Otherwise you get fucked, and Lisa would have ended up with the Sigourney Weaver do in Alien 3.
She was telling me “my head is not strong enough Fred! “” I want something deeper! ”
So in the girl language it means: I want to change but not too much, I want the change to be obvious but still me, I want to be mad but natural, wild but wise, darker but not black.
And c’mon Freddy must deal with it!
Well it’s not a bad compromise I think. A real lil’ change.
I do not like to darken hair in general compared to the natural color. The growing, lighter roots look terrible. So I opted for a non-aggressive dye which darkens but fades gradually with shampoo. Ask your stylist. It can give depth and shine.
Like her new head? Admit that she’s like a cuteness bar!
Love you my lil’ bits.

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