Fred's Diary

Mega Hair

brushing gonflé
– A blow-dry , please.
– Yes . “How do I do it ? “( Heard from the mouth of a real stylist)
– As usual, lots of volume …
This type of “inflated” blow-dry is all the rage in the 16th district of Paris and in almost all the ‘bourgeois’ social circles in the world. As a sign of recognition, something that needs to be done!
We don’t even know why. It probably started in the 60s . Backcombing was all the rage. And these women kept on doing it without asking themselves too many questions.
41600 euros … that’s the price ” that woman” has spent on blow-drying at 20 euros per week for 40 years.
Barbara Cartland
Her husband would be delighted to learn that I think …
This photo is just crazy ! The hair, that dog, crazy-eyed Barbara Cartland in a pink candy attire: TMI (Too Much Information ! !)
I do not know what to think about this. I can not say it’s ugly, no, it’s just a pity .
For me it is like being tied to a radiator all your life – a hair prisoner. Nothing moves, If a piece of hair moved – my god ! end of the world ! – Aaaaahhh .
On the other hand having a balloon on your head must be comforting. These women need to feel protected. It’s a shield. Maybe it’s an airbag, who knows?
What do you think about this?