Hair crown

Hello my little head mannequins, sorry for my absence, I’m still on tour with Mylène Farmer as you know 🙂 So I can’t do everything! But I’ve prepared a small batch of cute tutorials.

As it’s been a long time your fingers are numb with cold and laziness. So warm all this up with me with this beautiful hair crown.
It’s really simple to make and the statement is guaranteed. Frida Kahlo who would have slept with Lady Di!

Its additional winter benefit is that it avoids the traditional hair-tucked-in-coat-and-scarf.
It saves your life in fact! 🙂

The pretty background in the video was kindly lent to me by Dominique Picquier, Queen of the printed fabric. Her website here.

So let’s say you are all princesses of the hair kingdom…


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