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brosseAs I am carrying a message of universal hair beauty, I have to tell you the “dont’s”.

just in case a hair salon demon takes control of your body one day and tells you to cut your children’s hair this way.

Indeed, some parents in unknown lands had the bad idea of inflicting the mullet punishment to their offspring.
What happened in the universe? How in the world were these haircuts “created”? By what monster? No one knows…
Meanwhile, a few light years of ugliness ago, the first bang problems were spotted on pre-pubescent girls. The worst is that a name was given to these forehead growths: “the spider bangs.” Some crimping and an Elnett explosion later, this wonderful effect will be yours.
Curly women also entitled to some beauty, they were not spared. The half-straight half-curly effects are the rage.
Some lucky people have suffered hair abuse from a twisted guy who was delighted to mix all genres.
Have you been through a “Hair Challenge” in a certain time period of your life?
If so, we want to SEE to laugh our asses off! I sympathize and send you lots of love curlers though…


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