Before & Then

I tested the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

As you can see, I’m in ‘mini-bush’ mode. I let my curls express themselves, I wanted that right now, why not… Except that there’s a limit to the curl expression and I have the strange feeling of having candyfloss constantly on my head.

That’s it! Enough! I try the brazilian straightening method!

Here I am buying a kit in a professional shop. I pick one in two seconds, don’t give a damn, I don’t ask questions, I’ll handle it myself at home. I can not bear my head one more second.

I dismantled the box and read the explanatory DVD on my computer. The worst tutorial in the world is 3 hours long and features a curly tranny getting her hair smoothed out. I watch the thing in fast-forward, although fascinated by the ex-pornstar tranny with beyond reality french nails.
First step, put on a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue on the hair. Easy.
I dry as indicated in the instructions to remove all moisture. And I go from “mini-bush” to “Maxi-Afro-Del-Jackssonito” . My poor hair, that had not seen shampoo or a blowdryer for a while, will remember this…
I apply the mess afterwards. A kind of cream that doesn’t smell like flowers but not gross. Evenly distributed as it should, I leave it to stand 25 minutes.
Then I re- dry and I straighten with a straightening iron. It is the heat of straighteners that penetrates into the hair.
Well I look like a TV anchor that would have slept with a boysband, with broken shoulders from having straightened her hair for hours.
I can take the pain, my dream of silky hair at the end of the tunnel … I cry.
Then I rinse with a suitable conditioner. The sensation on my head is already different , the smoother hair, as soft as a squirrel coat. I ‘m looking forward to seeing it dry .
 before: after
And BAM. That’s it. Exactly what I wanted. NO BIG THING course, but it’s great.
It is as if I had left put a hair lotion for 120 years on my head. The hair is softer, heavier, so my bush is less crazy.
Nobody sees the difference , and nobody said anything to me . BUT , it does not matter , I have the feeling of a flatter, controlled hair.
It is expected to last at least 1 month .
I know there are stronger Brazilian (Japanese) kits, but I do not want to get stiff hair. I just wanted to tell my hair “whooooo be calm ok ?!” and it calmed down! hehe

I’m a hundred percent for hair acceptance and you know that’s the case for me. But I just wanted to have a different feeling on the head … I’m still curly, just less bushy.

Have you tried? anyone? I heard everything and anything on the smoothing with keratin and I confess I am a little lost. But I think that, well used, there is a positive side for some people.


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