Fred's Diary


No, I will not abandon you, and yes I still continue to post on this dream blog, but I’m currently on tour with Mylène Farmer, which makes it difficult for me to provide crazy tutorials and hair fantasies.

I met Mylène on her last tour in 2009, and it’s been an ongoing story ever since. 4 years later I’m on the road again to style her pretty red hair every night in front of thousands of hysteric fans.
It’s a little crazy I admit. She’s the only French singer who’s been capable of filling up large venues for this long, she’s a bit our own Madonna.
It is a great experience for me to accompany such an artist. Whether you like her music or not, she’s a demanding woman, hardworking and super professional. The pressure is there every night. Her image must be perfect, sublime, spectacular.
Once the preparation is complete, the show can begin, carried away by the screams of her loving fans.
“Mylèèèèèèèèèèèène we loooooove you!! “rings in my ears for days like a mantra.
Me, eyes glued to the screen, checking if a piece of rebellious hair is not spoiling the magic.
A lot of stress and work, but also a great human adventure. Dancers, musicians, technicians, all these people working together to achieve her wishes. I am part of this band, and I know how lucky I am every day to work with the best of the best…

I will find you here a little less often for a while. But will come back stronger from this experience.
And if you’re nice I’ll sing “désenchantée.” I know it by heart… (ok I will perform the dance routine as well :-))