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Régina and the Strawberry Blond

A director friend asked me to help with her main character’s hair color for her upcoming film, the beautiful Regina.

Her hair color is light brown, it must be strawberry blonde. Not any kind of blonde color, not a too simple one, a reddish blonde that looks a bit fake but not too much, a bit yellow and a bit orange too… Ooh la la!
Mmmyeah… I was a bit afraid of getting started there. But then I let the fire inside me spread over her head.

Even though I had big rushes of ‘Ohhh my goooood it’s NEON!’, I like the result. It goes well with her ​​fair skin and blue eyes.

In Mathilde’s idea, the director, strawberry blonde represents an in-between, with red being the dark, evil side.
Strawberry blonde had the purity of blonde with a ‘dark’ background. Regina vacillates between the two in the film, can’t wait to see the result on screen.

Do you like it? It’s a little crazy crazy but nice don’t you think?


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