3 good reasons to switch to a natural haircare routine

“Natural products don’t work as well”, “natural hair care smells bad”... We’ve heard it all before! If you’re still having trouble telling fact from fiction when it comes to these common preconceptions, here are 3 REAL good reasons to go natural:

Reason no. 1: Unparalleled natural effectiveness!

Contrary to popular belief, natural products are more effective than petrochemical-derived products. Made from as many natural ingredients as possible, their formulas keep all the benefits of each ingredient. They don’t smother your hair in a layer of silicones, meaning it can finally soak up all the natural active ingredients. Hair can breathe again and its vitality is restored! Case in point: our Vegan Hydratation Mask boosts your hair’s moisture levels thanks to a blend of natural oils. Whether you use it as a conditioner or mask, it naturally hydrates and nourishes your hair without weighing it down. So long split ends and brittle strands – hello healthy, glossy hair. There’s nothing better than natural effectiveness for that guaranteed WOW factor!

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Reason no. 2: Natural products are good for you and your hair

Natural hair care only wants the best for you and your hair. We think you’ll agree that “petrochemical” sounds far from clean… in fact, it sends shivers right up our spines! Sulphates, silicones, synthetic fragrances and parabens are everywhere – except our formulas! And here’s why we made that decision:

  • Sulphates: these are used as foaming and cleansing agents. They’re actually what makes shampoos foam up, but they also often irritate the scalp with their “stripping” effect. As a result, the sensitised scalp produces even more sebum to protect itself, leaving it oilier than your local chip shop. And as the roots get greasy more quickly, you wash your hair even more often, creating a never-ending vicious circle! At CUT BY FRED, we prefer to wash hair without being too harsh and to detox and rebalance the scalp gently, e.g. with our Vegan Detox Shampoo!
  • Silicones: these are mostly found in conditioners and hair masks. They leave hair just the way we want it: soft and silky. The problem is that silicones are plastics and build up around the hair (and in the environment). While they help protect the hair, they smother the hair fibre when they build up, weighing it down and stopping it from absorbing the right nutrients. As a result, they make your hair instantly shiny, but weaken it and leave it greasy over time. That’s why we’ve chosen a more natural alternative to silicones for our Vegan Hydratation Mask – derived from broccoli!
  • Synthetic fragrances: mmm, we love how captivating and delicious our hair care smells – sometimes it’s good enough to eat! Sorry to spoil the mood; these synthetic fragrances are mainly used because they’re more profitable. The problem is, they also contain irritants.
  • Parabens: after being used in cosmetics for over 80 years, these preservatives have been in the spotlight in recent years. At CUT BY FRED, we’ve chosen to err on the side of caution and not include parabens in our products. It’s this same approach that always guides us to improve our formulas!

Choosing natural haircare products means the formulas are cleaner for you and for the environment.

Reason no. 3: “Clean” products are also good for the planet!

Petrochemical-derived products also have an enormous environmental impact.

  • Sulphates and parabens contribute to water pollution.
  • Silicones are also highly polluting as they aren’t renewable or biodegradable.
  • Lastly, synthetic fragrances are generally made from dozens of chemicals and endocrine disruptors. They contain petroleum-derived substances and are therefore bad for the environment.

Not only are natural haircare products healthy and effective, they also respect our beloved planet. Producing natural formulas has a much lower environmental impact. And natural ingredients often mean biodegradable formulas (like ours!).


So, what do you think? Time to switch to natural hair care? Doing it couldn’t be easier!

3 tips for switching to natural hair care

  1. Cut your hair, or at least the damaged ends, and break off all contact with your old products, which have just been papering over the cracks ;) .
  2. Start your detox with a natural haircare routine suited to your hair type.
  3. Be patient. Your hair has been smothered in layers of chemicals and hasn’t had the chance to absorb nutrients for a long time. Expect 10 to 20 days before it can soak them up again and finally live its best life!

Cut By Fred presents flawless formulas with only 100% natural fragrances. As a result, natural products that combine natural effectiveness and sensory appeal!

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