What food routine should you adopt for stronger hair?

Fred, our hair guru, takes it a step further in his quest for the perfect hair. His mission ? Making your locks as beautiful inside as out. Because yes, having beautiful hair (making it stronger , stimulating its growth and having a healthy scalp ) also requires diet and as we like to say: healthy hair in a healthy body .

We give you all our tips for hair on fleek and we reveal our latest nugget: VEGAN HAIR IMPULSE .

Essential nutrients for healthy hair

No matter how much you pamper your hair and give it the best treatments, it will always betray your little secrets. Your bad eating habits, your state of fatigue and your emotions, everything is reflected in your hair . A brief overview of the foods that will make the difference for healthy widows.

Iron for cell oxygenation

    Our hair needs oxygen to grow, and iron is that superhero that carries oxygen through the blood and fuels our scalp. So for strong hair that grows faster , we opt for legumes, spinach or dark chocolate to combine health… and pleasure.

    Proteins for healthy-looking hair

      Protections are not only for athletes, far from it, they are also essential for our hair health. The main protein in our hair is the famous keratin, the name of which we know without necessarily knowing its benefits. It is this protein which will make our veuchs resistant and shiny while promoting their growth.

      We don't skimp on proteins, especially for those who expose their hair to high heat or chemicals. For that there are legumes and almonds! Yum 😋

      Vitamins C to strengthen

        Vitamin C is the ally of city dwellers and stressed people . Present in many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, peppers and even kiwis, we rely on it to have mermaid hair every day. It protects our roots from external aggressions such as pollution or stress and it stimulates the production of collagen. A true elixir of beauty, vitamin C acts directly on the structure of our hair and fluidifies the microcirculation of the scalp to make our hair healthier and more beautiful. What more ?!

        Biotin or vitamin B8 to boost keratin

          Biotin and keratin go hand in hand, without biotin there is no keratin and without keratin goodbye to dream hair. We are therefore happy with vitamin B8 which will strengthen, stimulate, and prevent hair loss, just that. But where is this biotin found? In brewer's yeast, egg yolk, wholemeal bread and, last but not least, in avocados. Avocado toast and brunches on the terrace are yours!

          Zinc, to say goodbye to oily hair

            Ah , zinc, we no longer present it, it really is the all-purpose nutrient, the one that will give us peachy skin and mermaid hair. It allows the hair to assimilate keratin well, therefore being strengthened in depth. It helps regulate sebum production, putting an end to oily hair. It is found in pumpkin seeds or shiitakes with a good umami taste.

            For hair in great shape: our food supplement Vegan Hair Impulse

            Whether you are lucky enough to have naturally beautiful hair or it is more fragile, everyone benefits from taking care of their scalp in depth. You may use the best care in the world, but taking care of your hair starts with a glass of water ;)

            Simple and fun, the VEGAN HAIR IMPULSE supplement is an expert treatment that brings together all the nutrients your hair needs to be healthy on the inside and visible on the outside.

            For all those with a sweet tooth who don't want to change their eating habits, for those in a hurry or simply for those who want to have stronger hair, this is the In & Out treatment you need. Convenient to take anywhere and quick to prepare, having beautiful hair has never been so easy!

            But what does Vegan Hair Impulse contain?

            If it is so effective, it is thanks to its formula composed of 100% plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, which guarantees you strong hair and a protected scalp.

            1 – Horsetail, a fern with a thousand benefits

            Horsetail would benefit from being better known, because it is a real blessing for your hair! Rich in vegetable silicon but also in iron, it strengthens the hair, stimulates the production of collagen and therefore growth. Rapunzel had better watch out!

            2 – Biotin (vitamin B8) and zinc: the sebum police

            Used in addition, this shocking duo that no longer needs to be presented intends to maintain the balance of the hair: neither too oily nor too dry. It's the ideal combo for all active people who want on-the-go hair despite their fast-paced lives. 

            3 – Amla: to say goodbye to hair loss

            You already know the merits of vitamin C and its protective properties, but do you know amla, this Indian gooseberry with the appearance of a large grape? Well bingo, it's super rich in vitamin C and is one of the main ingredients in VEGAN HAIR IMPULSE . It is the ideal supplement for people with brittle hair or hair loss. Amla will accelerate growth by stimulating blood circulation to guarantee strong, vibrant hair. So, are you ready to give your widows a second lease of life?

            How does it look? In the form of 100% recyclable glass ampoules that you just have to break and then drink whole, pure or diluted. In short, nothing could be simpler:

            2 clicks, one click, for a wow effect.


            To try it is to adopt it, you will see, your body will love it. So, are you ready to go even further in the quest for your perfect hair?

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