Restoring healthy hair after a vacation in the sun

It's back from vacation, you spent your summer sipping cocktails on the beach, and made the most of your diving days. In short, a dream vacation that is good for body and mind!

The only downside is that if you have thought about protecting your skin from the sun's UV rays , you have neglected your hair a little. A mermaid tan is great, but hair that looks like straw... it ruins the starlet side a bit!

So to avoid back-to-school blues, it's time to take care of yourself and give your hair the boost it deserves.

We give you all the right actions to adopt to avoid another hair disaster next summer.

What are the effects of summer on our hair?

First, a little pedagogy. Because before you want to play the Californian girl when you get back, it is important to understand who is responsible for your brittle hair.

Too much UV is bad for the skin but also for your hair!

UV rays are the number one enemy of our epidermis. If they are harmful to the skin, they are just as harmful to our hair and scalp, which are particularly weakened during the summer.

Consequences: Ultraviolet rays will penetrate the fibers of our hair and degrade proteins, leaving strands weakened and thirsty . Ok, seeing your hair lighten in the sun is nice, but in the long term it's not good at all and it leaves your hair dry, sometimes taking on a yellowish tint.

Chlorine, enemy of blonde hair… but not only

You know the blonde hair that turns green after a nice dip in the pool? Well it's not a myth and it could well happen to you if you don't pay attention to your hair. Chlorine is such a powerful oxidative agent that it can completely disrupt the structure of your hair, alter its pigments and cost you a quick trip to the hairdresser.

The chemical reactions of chlorine with hair components, combined with its oxidizing power, are responsible for dryness, brittleness, discoloration and many other hair problems related to summer and swimming .

How to repair your hair after summer?

1. Visit to the hairdresser recommended

The first thing to do when you return from vacation is to unpack. Getting rid of your ends and split ends will allow you to start on a healthy basis and avoid adding heaviness to your cut.

To go even further, if you see that your hair is very damaged, don't be afraid to cut more length . Who said the hairdresser is your enemy? We assure you that you will be even more satisfied later!

So to make an appointment, it's right here 👈

2. Unclog the scalp and purify it

Just like the skin, you should not hesitate to rid your scalp of impurities and pollution accumulated throughout the holidays (and even the year). Whether it's excess product, sebum or sand, it prevents your hair from breathing properly so we scrub, but gently. No more itchy scalp, we assure you that after a good scrub you will be reborn!

Our favorite product: The Depolluting Salt Scrub

With its notes of cedar, sandalwood and rosemary, it's a one-way ticket to the Mediterranean coast and a second wind for your hair.
Composed of grains of sea salt, malachite and zinc, it will remove all the elements accumulated in your hair (grains of sand, shampoo residue, etc.), nourish and rebalance your scalp. It’s the guarantee of finding shiny, vibrant hair again!

Why do we love it? Because it is super economical (a dab is enough), it foams like never before, and with its grains of sea salt, it will activate microcirculation which will have a super relaxing massaging effect, ideal for relaxing before the back to school.

3. Create a quality routine: shampoo + care

Wouldn't it occur to you to go to bed after removing makeup from your face but without moisturizing it at the risk of ending up with redness and tight skin the next day? It's the same with hair, there's no point having the best shampoo if it's not accompanied by a good treatment mask.

After summer evenings and countless blow-drys, after endless beach days and pool afternoons, your hair has been particularly stressed. At CUT BY FRED, we can only recommend that you adopt our Vegan Hydration Shampoo. It is so soft that it will only do good for your hair and as an added bonus, its almond smell will take you straight back to your childhood!

Associated with that, the essential, the unmissable, the one that needs no introduction, the Vegan Hydration Mask. It's our best-seller, the one we use every day to take care of our hair without ever weighing it down. Whether you have dry, oily or fine hair, it is ideal for all hair types!


3 for blondes. We moisturize and get rid of yellow reflections

Yellow highlights are the scourge of all blondes, especially in summer. With the sun happily drying out our ends, chlorine and salt, it's difficult to fight.

But how do you find a treatment that is both effective and hydrating? The blond-reviving and anti-yellowing restorative treatment mask, real name Perfect Blonde Conditioner, is THE solution that all blondes have been waiting for. 3 to 5 minutes are enough to hydrate your lengths, restore shine and get rid of yellowish reflections .

4. We adopt the hydration reflex 

This is the gesture that should become automatic for all people who want to take care of their hair: two drops of serum and off you go! If there is one hair product that you can take everywhere to neutralize your frizz and nourish your ends, it's definitely the Vegan Serum ! 

To slip into your handbag, suitcase or toiletry bag, its sweet vanilla scent will leave your hair soft and shiny whatever the place or the season. Especially after summer, we adopt this good reflex and moisturize to save our hair!

5. We say yes to night care

Nighttime is the ideal time to take care of your veuchs without doing anything! Double advantage, the night is long, and this gives time for our products to penetrate deep into the hair fiber. So we say yes to night care!

Our Overnight Repair Balm is the care ritual your hair needs. From night to night, your hair becomes stronger and healthier. Nothing could be simpler: apply to the lengths and ends and leave on overnight.

For even more efficiency (and pleasure), you can wrap your hair in theTurban By Fred or sleep with the Chillsilk X Cut by Fred pillowcase. We assure you that trying this pillowcase means adopting it, you will no longer be able to sleep without it!

Finally, to have goddess-like hair all year round, one key word: HYDRATION! Before, during and after, remember to moisturize your hair to avoid a hair disaster next summer.
Because prevention is better than cure, we advise you to take a look before next summer at this article 👀: UV and Hair: the 3 consequences you don't know about.

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