4 tips to stimulate hair growth & regenerate your scalp

Our poor scalps are often overlooked… 
If our hair lacks vitality, body or length, it’s usually because we aren’t getting to the root of the problem (pun intended!).

In fact, the health of our hair is closely connected to the health of our scalp. There’s no overstating the fact that “Healthy scalp = Gorgeous hair”. Scalps deserve to be doted on too! 

Why look after your scalp? 

Well, it’s very simple. Our hair grows from our scalp. This is where the hair bulb is embedded. The cells within this hair bulb are constantly multiplying, allowing the hair to grow. But for proper growth, the scalp must be supplied with the nutrients it needs and the right techniques must be used. 

The scalp is where the hair follicles are found. If it’s imbalanced (e.g. dryness, excess sebum or irritation), your hair will take a beating too ! 

How to look after your scalp

To make sure your hair’s on top form, you need to pamper your scalp and treat whatever imbalance it’s suffering from. Here are our 4 tips on how to do this: 

1. Exfoliate your scalp to (re)balance your hair

A scrub is a preventative step that is easy to add to your haircare routine. Exfoliate your scalp once a week. A scrub will get rid of dead cells, pollution particles and any dirt that’s come along for the ride (and clogged up the pores of your skin). Afterwards, rinse it out with clear lukewarm water.

For an effective scrub, get your hands on our Depolluting Salt Scrub! Part your hair into several sections and apply a small amount of product to damp hair, spreading it across your entire scalp. Next, massage it in using circular motions to activate your microcirculation. The grains of salt, our scrub’s star ingredient, combat impurities and help rebalance your scalp, while its 100% natural marine scent will transport you to the seaside.

When used instead of your normal shampoo, this cleansing scrub promises a healthy scalp and soft, feather-light hair!

Good to know: If you’re suffering from dermatological issues, ask your dermatologist for advice first.

2. Apply a deep treatment for intense regeneration

Our scalps are often irritated by things such as heat, salt and chlorine. To soothe it and keep it optimally hydrated, you need to nourish and hydrate it deep down, using gentle and healthy products of course. 

Bingo! Our Vegan Scalp Potion is an intensive treatment that soothes and regenerates the scalp. The baobab, marula and grapeseed oils in our product nourish your scalp, even deep down in the epidermis. The result? Less dry dandruff and a healthy, soothed and hydrated scalp.

And you can boost the effects of our Vegan Scalp Potion by using it with the Stimulating Scalp Brush

3. Stimulate your scalp to boost the effectiveness of your hair care

Stimulating blood flow is the second key to a healthy scalp. As it contains loads of tiny blood vessels, it is essential to stimulate microcirculation in this area. This helps hair live longer and grow healthier, from the roots to the ends!

For a feel-good step that does you good, stimulate your scalp microcirculation with our Stimulating Scalp Brush while treating yourself to a relaxing head massage. Using this stimulating brush with your shampoo helps to give a good lather and means you can clean hard-to-reach places such as the back of your head. Once your scalp has been stimulated, it’s ready to receive your hair care. 

But be warned, if you use it once, you’ll never be able to go without it again!

4. Give your hair all the nutrients it needs to be stronger and longer and protect your scalp ! 

Yep, great hair starts with great nutrition.

Vegan Hair Impulse is an expert supplement with ALL the nutrition you need to make your hair and scalp stronger in a single shot. 
Made from 100% plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, it promotes growth and keeps your scalp balanced for stronger hair.

This simple, fun product works from the inside out, giving your hair all the nutrients it needs for growth and vitality.

You know how protein makes your muscles pop? Well, Vegan Hair Impulse does the same for your hair!

How do you take it? The supplement comes in 100% recyclable glass vials, just snap the top off one and drink it pure or diluted at any time of the day.

Think of it like this: Two clicks and a glug to leave you feeling smug.

Top tip: for best results, we recommend you take the supplement for three months.