4 natural super ingredients to restore your hair fibre!

We’ve said it again and again… natural hair care is the best way to go if you want healthy hair! Their clean formulas don’t smother the fibre in silicones or parabens, and their natural ingredients allow it to soak up all the good nutrients. And among these natural ingredients, there are “super ingredients”, which have a particular affinity with the hair fibre!

1. What is “hair affinity”?

As they have a natural composition similar to that of the hair, super ingredients have an affinity with the hair fibre. This is also known as biocompatibility, and allows the hair to better absorb active ingredients, giving better results! Basically, hair goes crazy for super ingredients. The result? Your hair is much healthier and more breathtaking!

2. A deep dive into 4 super ingredients that will reveal your hair’s natural beauty

At Cut By Fred, we carefully select our haircare ingredients to ensure natural effectiveness. Here are our top 4 ingredients that are biocompatible with the hair fibre and vital for healthy hair:

Jojoba oil for soft and glossy hair: 

Jojoba oil is renowned for its strengthening properties and leaves your hair softer, glossier and suppler. Its composition is very similar to the sebum naturally produced by our bodies.

This precious oil is used in several of our products, like ourVegan Hydratation Mask, our Vegan Serum and our Vegan Curl Cream. It helps to properly hydrate your hair while revitalising the hair fibre.

Coconut oil for hydrated and vibrant hair: 

Coconut oil has a very strong affinity with hair proteins, which are essential for proper growth. It’s also amazing for split ends as it provides them with all the lipids they need. Since it contains fatty acids, coconut oil also has strengthening and smoothing properties. Last but not least, it nourishes and is absorbed by the hair fibre deep down.

So it’ll come as no surprise that we use coconut oil in our Vegan Hydratation Mask. It works just as well as a conditioner as it does as a mask. It will leave your hair hydrated, nourished and coated! Cool, right?

Marula oil for scalp health: 

This oil is highly concentrated in oleic acid, which is involved in cell membrane production. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins C and E.

Marula oil intensely hydrates hair and leaves it glossy. But that’s not all! This little gem also protects hair from external aggressors and soothes sensitive and irritated scalps by reducing redness, itching and dandruff. Marula oil can be found in our Vegan Scalp Potion and our Overnight Repair Balm. It will leave your scalp healthy and your hair shining bright!

Soft and supple hair thanks to an amino acid salt: 

Amino acids are organic compounds that are needed for our bodies and cells to function properly. Salts of amino acids are naturally found in our bodies and form a biofilm on the hair fibre, protecting the hair against breakage and preventing hair loss. In addition to hydrating hair, they encourage growth and leave it soft and silky. As you might have guessed, an amino acid salt is one of the key ingredients in our Vegan Hydratation Shampoo. It promises soft, supple, hydrated and naturally glossy hair (jackpot!).

As haircare experts, we pride ourselves on selecting the best ingredients to take care of your hair. 

We are on a mission to provide all hair types with clean and naturally effective products!

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