UV rays and hair: 3 effects you don’t know

Ah, summer! Terrace bars, swimming, sunbathing (and pre-dinner drinks!)… It’s the most eagerly awaited time of year – but it’s also sunburn season!
We instinctively think about shielding our skin before stepping outside as we know the harmful effects of the sun. But somehow we forget to protect our beautiful hair! Yes, ultraviolet rays hurt your hair too…

What do UV rays do to my hair?

UV rays weaken your hair

In small doses, UV rays aren’t that bad for our hair. They’re actually a source of vitamin D! This vitamin boosts the production of keratin, which is an essential protein for hair integrity. And, you’ve guessed it, this keratin protects your hair from UV radiation and other external aggressors. On the other hand, too much sun has the opposite effect! Repeated exposure will damage the scales of the hair cuticle and weaken the hydrolipidic film that protects it. As a result, it loses some of its keratin, grows thinner and collapses, becoming dry and brittle. Add in saltwater and chlorine and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. It’s game over for your hair before the end of your holiday.

UV rays also ruin colour-treated hair and highlights

If you love how the sun brightens your hair, you’re in for a rude awakening: this is one of the negative effects of UV rays. Ultraviolet light causes the hair’s structure to break down and as a result stops pigments from sticking to the hair fibre. That’s why your hair colour fades and your highlights are lightened. Hair dyed blonde, for example, tends to turn yellow (not so great) and brown dye can turn red (who would’ve thought it)!

To top it all off, UV rays cause scalp imbalances

With repeated sun exposure, the scalp becomes particularly sensitive. It dries out over time and can sometimes be burnt by the sun. Like a grilled prawn, your skin starts to peel, causing little white flakes to appear: dandruff! To avoid being inconvenienced, wear your very best hat or stay in the shade as much as possible.

Good to know: Fine hair is naturally less resilient than thick hair. This makes it more sensitive to the sun. Be extra careful if your hair is on the fine side. Grey hair, meanwhile, contains less melanin and is less protected against UV rays. Your grey hair may turn yellow, so protecting it is a must.

But don’t panic – there are ways to protect your hair against UV rays! Let us explain…

How can I protect my hair against UV rays?

1. Use a gentle and moisturising shampoo

In summer especially, it is vital to use a gentle hydrating shampoo and one that’s as natural as possible. Say hello to soft and glossy hair with our Vegan Hydratation Shampoo (even if we say so ourselves...).

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2. Apply protective hair care

Just like you protect your skin with a good sun cream, you can do the same for your hair with an anti-UV hair product. And you’re in luck! We’ve got what you need. Cut By Fred’s Summer Protect Spray shields hair from the harmful effects of the sun and other summertime aggressors (e.g. chlorine, etc.).

In addition to protecting your hair, this spray intensely nourishes your hair thanks to avocado oil and wheatgerm oil. Apply it several times a day and voilà! Since we’re committed to protecting the planet, its formula is 100% biodegradable and contains no chemical filters. And its packaging is made from recyclable glass (how stylish!).

So, if you want to soak up the sun, just like Sheryl Crow (you’ll have that stuck in your head all day long now, you’re welcome!) – remember to bring your protective spray!

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3. Avoid the sun between midday and 4pm

Between midday and 4pm, the sun’s out in full force. Ideally, you should stay in the shade or wear a sun hat, a cap, or a bucket hat if you’re a fan of the vintage look. Don’t forget to rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water after swimming to wash out the salt and chlorine.

Whether you hair is colour-treated, highlighted, bleached or natural, remember to protect it from UV rays and put an end to frazzled locks, split ends and weird colours! Pick up our Summer Protect Spray and make the most of summer without any headaches!